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Set your details

These are stored locally, and never sent to a server. You don't need to fill them in at all, but if you do you can share them as people scan you. The big switch at the top controls whether they are shared or not shared, so you can turn it on or off whenever you like. When you are sharing your contact details your QR code gets more detailed, and is blue.
This is only shared if you want This is only shared if you want This is only shared if you want

These people you bumped into shared their contact details with you.

You can delete any of them, you will still be alerted if necessary.

Share Bump

Any phone can open the bump application with no installation required.

Bump is not an official application, more of a privacy preserving proof of concept.

Confirm Diagnois

If you have a diagnosis code you can scan it on the main page just like scanning a person and Bump will upload your recent interactions to the server. It won't include any details about who you are, or who you have met, just the last 14 days of interaction codes. Ideally there would be no possibility of self-diagnosis as that allows people to be idiots and scare others needlessly. Not clear what they would gain from this, but people are idiots. For testing purposes, you can go to https://www.bumpinto.eu/selfdiagnosis to get a diagnosis code to scan.
This is all of the interactions stored locally on your device and their dates. Some may be associated with contact details. This is what will be uploaded to the server if you are diagnosed (and only if you are diagnosed), it will be limited to the last few weeks (exact time period still to be defined). Every day we also look at this data on the server to see if anyone has been diagnosed who shares an interaction with us.
This is all of the interactions reported to the server recently, you might share some of them, which should give you a notification when that is implemented.